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Moe and the Big Exit


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Yippie Yah Yo Cowboys!

Meet Moe (Larry the Cucumber,) a good-natured cowboy living high on the hog out in Dodgeball City while his kinfolk work their fingers to the bone digging the Grand Canyon. When Moe asks the heartless mayor to let his people go, he refuses and a heap of trouble comes to town. Can Moe help free his people from bondage and flee Dodgeball City once and fer all? Saddle up for a rootin' tootin' Bible adventure as VeggieTales heads west and teaches a lesson in followin' directions!

But that's not all -- this DVD also features a Silly Song from your favorite (Vegetable) Boy-Band! Yes, it's the Boyz in the Sink doin' what they do best singing, "A Mess Down in Egypt."

So slip on your boots, round up the horses, and lasso in some learnin'! Everyone's favorite vegetables are ready to have some cowboy fun offering a unique and highly entertaining twist on the classic story of Moses and the Exodus!
52 Minutes
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  • Manufactured by: Whitaker

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